HODL Bitcoin Painting
Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 30 cm

HODL and Buy the Bitcoin Dip

If HODLing Bitcoin was easy, everybody would do it. If you’ve been around the Bitcoin space for a while, you’ll know just how it feels when the markets take a nosedive. We’ve all been there.

The background of this piece represents the pain and drudgery of how it feels to HODL bitcoin when the market is dumping. The foreground is made up of beaten and bruised letters spelling… HODL (in gold and white acrylic paint).

If you’re a strong HODLer then this piece is for you. It will make a great addition to your home or office. It’s relatively small so would look great in any room.

Size: 40 x 30 cm (16 x 12 inch approx)

Shipping: Worldwide shipping is available

Cost in Bitcoin: $300

Cost in USD: $330

How many of these paintings exist? 1.
I spend a lot of time on each piece and each piece of artwork is different. There’s nothing mass-produced about my art. It’s limited. Just like Bitcoin. 


We believe in bitcoin. This is why we charge you less for buying using bitcoin. Let’s help the cause.

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