Bitcoin Painting With a Splash Background
60cm x 40cm

Bitcoin is Making a Splash!

Need something to brighten your room? This Bitcoin painting with splash-effect background is perfect for you.

This Bitcoin painting is perfect for any home or office. Inspired by Jackson Pollock, this splash painting combines lots of complementary colours that make up the background – yellows, pinks, blues and greens all work perfectly together.

The white bitcoin logo makes up the foreground and it fits perfectly with the multicoloured background, and really stands out.

It looks phenomenal on a light background too!

Size: 60 x 40 cm (36 x 24 inch)

Shipping: Worldwide shipping available

Cost in Bitcoin: $1000

Cost in USD: $1100

How many of these paintings exist? 1.
I spend a lot of time on each piece and each piece of artwork is different. There’s nothing mass-produced about my art. It’s limited. Just like Bitcoin. 


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