Why I charge MORE when you pay in $dollars vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin vs dollars

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I’m guessing you’re here because you love both art and Bitcoin (me too!) And you may be thinking about getting yourself some Bitcoin art for your home or office.

The good news is, you’re in the right place.

But before you go and buy one of my Bitcoin paintings (thank you in advance), keep reading because you may be charged MORE depending on how you pay.

Full disclosure, I do charge different prices when you pay in $ dollars vs when you pay with Bitcoin.

I’m big on transparency and openness (one of the reasons I like Bitcoin). So in this article, I’m going to tell you why I do this, and why it’s better for you (and me) to pay with Bitcoin vs paying in dollars.

Paying for Bitcorn art with dollars

The value of the dollar and pound (and other fiat currencies) continues to devalue as the cost of living increases. And the government continues to print more money.

Inflation isn’t a new thing but it has been dramatically impacted by the pandemic and this is likely to last for many years (or decades) to come. We simply do not have control over the value of our money.

This is why I try to limit how much fiat currency I hold.

If you buy one of my Bitcoin paintings for $1000 and pay with fiat currency then the value of that money is going to decrease over time. This means my work as an artist is worth less the more time goes on. Next year, the money you paid me might only be worth $950 or even less.

Isn’t the price of art supposed to increase over time, not decrease?

Paying for art with Bitcoin payments

As far as I’m concerned, Bitcoin is the greatest innovation in the history of mankind. A lot of people think of Bitcoin as a way to get rich quickly and gain financial freedom but it’s much more than that:

  • It gives you control and independence over your own money
  • It allows people in the third-world to have access to money when they don’t have bank accounts
  • It allows people anywhere in the world to send payments to anyone else
  • The cost of sending Bitcoin to someone else is a fraction of what is is compared to using banks
  • The speed of Bitcoin transactions is much faster than trasferring between bank accounts
  • It gives you the power to safeguard your family’s financial future

As you can see, Bitcoin is so much more than an “investment” it’s a movement that will change the world forever, and there’s nothing any of us can do to stop it.

Yes. The price of Bitcoin is volatile. And until it is widely accepted in the world, it will continue to be. But I’m not concerned about that. Just HODL!

How to save money on your art using Bitcoin

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty passionate about Bitcoin and how it’s making the world a better place.

This is why I’m trying to encourage my customers to pay for my art in Bitcoin. It’s less about the money and more about helping the cause.

For Bitcoin to become the next global reserve currency we need to be using it for transactions as well as a store of value. We need the world to see how easy and quick it is to transfer money from one person to another.

I don’t care if the short term price of Bitcoin goes down because I’m in this for the long term. But if you pay for my products in Bitcoin it helps the entire Bitcoin community grow.

This is why I’m willing to make less money selling my art today, so that I can help spread the word and get more people involved in Bitcoin.

By paying me in Bitcoin you are also helping the Bitcoin movement and together we’re showing the world how easy and seamless it is to transact without the need of a traditional financial institution.

But ultimately, if you pay for my art in Bitcoin, it benefits you because it’s 10% cheaper (always nice, eh?)

How much does it cost to buy my art?

I will charge you 10% more if you pay for my artwork using dollars. Think of this as a “surcharge” for using an outdated, eroding currency.

An example:

Pay with Bitcoin – You pay $1000 equivalent
Pay with dollars – You pay $1100

Please know that I would never want to punish anyone for buying my art. I love making money! Please buy more. But Bitcoin isn’t about me or you. It’s not about any one person. It’s about giving people more financial freedom and being less reliant on traditional financial institutions. And hopefully, me and my little paintbrush can help us all get there one brushstroke at a time.

But what if you don’t want to use your Bitcoin?

I get it. Seriously. I want to hold onto my Bitcoin too! And if you want to pay me in dollars for my art, I am still going to be over the moon (just not to the moon 😉)

I’m incredibly humbled to anyone who invests in my art, by whatever means.

More info on how I take Bitcoin payments…

If you’re interested, I use CoinCorner to take Bitcoin payments. They are a UK based exchange and the team is amazing. I’ve been following them for a while. They provide free Bitcoin cashback when you shop online, so do check them out.

Also, a big shout-out to @ben_dewaal for his encouraging words of wisdom on this topic.